16 June 2011

Thankful Thursday: Baltimore, Maryland

Last weekend, I visited the Baltimore County Genealogical Society library during my research trip. The last time I was there was about a year ago and I used a book of transcriptions from St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Baltimore. This time, one of the volunteers handed me a new book of transcriptions from St. Stanislaus, 1892-1910, which is a compilation of the earliest records from the cemetery and enabled me to find two names I was researching that were not in the book I used originally. This new book was published by Historyk Press, which is a great resource for research books on Baltimore's Polish community.

In an earlier post, I wrote about looking for my great, great-grandmother. Before I left for my trip, I ordered a death certificate for a woman I thought might be her. I found this same woman's name in the transcription book with a notation that she died in childbirth. It also listed her husband's and children's names, which matched my family.

With this information, I headed out to the cemetery. When I located my great, great-grandfather's headstone, to the left was one of his sons, and one more to the left was the woman I have hypothesized to be my great, great-grandmother. I took several photographs and left with the satisfaction of making significant progress in my search.

Following are links to the resources I used this past weekend for researching my Polish ancestors in Baltimore:
Baltimore County Genealogical Society
Historyk Press

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