17 December 2012

Mystery Monday: What Does It Say?

It's mystery Monday and I need help to solve this one!

I located a marriage record for Martin Michalak and Agnes Sobcak from 1885. The entry is in the records of the Janowiec Roman Catholic Parish in Poland.

The word highlighted below should be the name of the town where they are from, but I am having difficulty deciphering it. Any ideas?

04 December 2012

Tech Tuesday: Dropbox Saved My Research

This summer, I downloaded Dropbox on my computer. Since then, I have use it to store my research files. I have read many blog posts advocating for Dropbox use amongst genealogists for a variety of reasons, including back-up, portability, and sharing of files.

Occasionally, I would open one of my files from another computer or my iPhone. It is a nice feature, but not one I required. That is, until my computer fell victim to a static shock a few weeks ago. Using my husband's computer for a few days, I was able to log in and download whatever files I needed. When I replaced my computer, the first thing I did was download Dropbox. I logged in and there were all of my files. I was up and running again with no data loss thanks to Dropbox!