30 November 2011

Thankful Thursday: RootsMagic 5 Research Manager

RootsMagic announced the release of version 5 earlier this week and held a webinar on Tuesday to present the new features. The webinar was recorded and you can view it on their website. There are many new features, as well as changes to existing version 4 features, but the one I am most interested to try is the Research Manager.

This new feature includes unlimited research logs, which give you the option of linking to a person, family, event, place, or not linking to anything in your database. In addition, you can now move your to-do list items into your research log if you choose, rather than just marking them as complete. Within the research log are predefined fields for a date, reference number, subject, source, repository, and results. All log items are sortable and all logs are searchable by title and content.

I currently use Microsoft OneNote to hold my research logs, since I was not satisfied with using the To Do List in RootsMagic as my research log, which is what they previously recommended. I am very happy with the flexibility and ease of use with OneNote, but I will be trying the Research Manager once I download my upgrade. I am hopeful that this will simplify my process by housing more information in one central location without compromising the functionality of my existing process.


  1. Have you played around with RM5 yet - am most interested to hear about the Research Manager in practice.

  2. Hi, Tessa - thank you for your interest! I expect to have a follow-up post on Tuesday with more information on the Research Manager.